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Stay ahead of the competition.

Track every move your competition makes on social media and measure the impact it has. Use these insights to avoid pitfalls and implement what’s working into your social media strategy.

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Get competitive intelligence across all major social networks

“Using Unmetric for competitive insights has enabled us to consistently outperform our competitors on social media.”

Jennifer Stafford

Jennifer Stafford, Senior Manager, Social Media

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Track your competition’s every move on social.

Every post, every hashtag, every reply, every user interaction. It’s all recorded and measured so you can understand exactly what your competition is doing and how well they are doing it. Take those insights and incorporate best practices into your social strategy.

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Listen for keywords and phrases used by your competitors.

Set up alerts and get notifications the moment your competitors use words or phrases that are important to you. You can even use it to make sure other brands are not using your IP.


Go back in time to see what your competitors did in the past.

Get access to all the historical data we have on your competitors so you can see what worked for them in the past. Analyze data as far back as 2012 for many brands in the Unmetric database.

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Keep on top of the important things your competitors are doing.

Unmetric monitors your competitors around the clock and notifies you the moment they do something different from normal. Whether it’s higher engagement on a post, a sudden tweet-storm, or a new post after a long time, Unmetric makes sure you’re always on top of what your competition is doing.


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