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Decipher your competitors’ content strategies

Get insights on new content categories and see what’s working by tagging both owned and competitor content. With custom content tagging you can analyze and compare branded social content of specific themes easily and quickly.

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The ease and speed at which our strategists and analysts are able to pull data is beyond any other social analytics tool we’ve used.”

Matt Schultz
Former Senior Manager Social
Resource Ammirati – An IBM Company

Unmetric does in 5 minutes what it takes 5 people 5 days to complete

Save Time

You can now drastically cut down on the time it takes to determine best performing content categories.

Save Effort

Avoid the mundane task of downloading Excel sheets and manually tagging all social content by yourself.

Save Yourself

Having Unmetric’s AI automatically tag content for you frees up your time which you can spend on yourself.

Assign and manage tags

Easily create content buckets for quicker analysis

You no longer have to download different content pieces separately and tag them in Excel. Unmetric allows you to easily tag both owned and competitor brand posts with the theme of their content so you can effectively analyze content buckets from one place and also see how your posts measure up against your competition.



Automatically tag social media content

Avoid the mundane effort that goes into manually tagging content. With the help of Xia, our AI, you can automatically tag specific pieces of content based on keywords and hashtags present in them. The next time your boss asks for engagement metrics around a specific content bucket, all you have to do is hit the Download button in Unmetric!


Analyze Tagged Content

Get in-depth insights into content buckets

Compare the performance of different posts once you’ve tagged them to see which content bucket works best for your brand. These insights can help social media managers in deciding which content types to focus on on social for the next quarter.


Compare Tagged content

See how your content measures up

In addition to comparing content buckets within your own brand, Unmetric will soon allow you to benchmark your posts against your competitors’ through tags. Want to see how your Christmas posts compare against your competitor’s? Unmetric’s got your back!


Export Tagged Content

Download insights into tagged content

Export insights into how your different content buckets have performed as Excel sheets to dig deeper into engagement and interaction metrics. You can also forward these professionally-formatted exported files to your higher-ups as part of your weekly or monthly social reports.


Simplify social content analysis

Sort content easily

Find brand posts on specific themes effortlessly.

Export data

Download Excel sheets with comprehensive metrics on tagged content.

Benchmark performance

Identify content types that engage best with fans.

Access data goldmine

Get access to 7 years’ worth of historical data on 100,000 brands across platforms.


Unmetric helps brands and agencies tag social content to analyze and compare them better.

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