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Share of Voice

Find out where you stand in your industry

With the voices of so many brands crowding social media, you need to know how much you contribute to a conversation. Unmetric’s Share of Voice analysis helps you do just that, by comparing your inputs with those of your competitors.

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The ease and speed at which our strategists and analysts are able to pull data is beyond any other social analytics tool we’ve used.”

Matt Schultz
Former Senior Manager Social
Resource Ammirati – An IBM Company

Unmetric does in 5 minutes what it takes 5 people 5 days to complete

Save Time

Get data-backed insights into your Share of Voice in a matter of clicks and seconds.

Save Effort

Find out which brand is owning the conversation on social without any manual effort.

Save Yourself

Getting a tool to analyze your Share of Voice frees up your time which you can spend on yourself.

Share of Voice Report

Measure your brand’s exposure against competitors

Determine your brand’s position in its industry and check out how much you contribute to the conversation in your market in comparison to your competitors. With Unmetric, you can compare your brand’s SOV not just by the number of posts and Tweets, but also by the volume of interactions and engagement received.

Share of Voice Report

Keyword-based Share of Voice

Benchmark the success of your marketing campaigns

Find out if you’re owning the conversation around a particular campaign or event amongst all your competitors. Understand and report on your social media performance and effortlessly measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Keyword based Share of Voice


Get notified when your keywords are used

In addition to monitoring your Share of Voice on social, you can also configure alerts so you receive real-time notifications when brands use a particular keyword, hashtag or phrase daily or weekly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Simplify Share of Voice analysis

Get readymade reports

Download professionally-formatted reports in PPT and Excel formats.

Export data and charts

Export individual charts and also share them with teammates who don’t have access to Unmetric.

Email reports to collegues

Schedule reports to be delivered to you and your teammates at specified times.

Access data goldmine

Get access to 7 years’ worth of historical data on 100,000 brands across platforms.


Unmetric helps brands and agencies analyze and understand their Share of Voice against competitors

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