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Automate your social media reports

Unmetric helps automate your social media reporting, alleviates tedious repetitive work, and lets you schedule reports to land in your inbox at a frequency that works for you, so you can easily report on your social KPIs across networks and save time.

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The ease and speed at which our strategists and analysts are able to pull data is beyond any other social analytics tool we’ve used.”

Matt Schultz
Former Senior Manager Social
Resource Ammirati – An IBM Company

Unmetric does in 5 minutes what it takes 5 people 5 days to complete

Save Time

Schedule reports and get them in your inbox automatically at a frequency that works for you.

Save Effort

You no longer have to toggle between multiple networks to get all the social data you need.

Save Yourself

Reporting on your KPIs easily and quickly helps you free up your time which you can spend on yourself.


Analyze a brand’s social performance in depth

If there’s a competitor or aspirational brand whose social you want to look into at a granular level, With this report, you can understand a brand’s content engagement and perform sentiment analysis, content analysis by type, engagement analysis by days of the week, and audience analysis.

Analysis Report


Compare your performance against competitors

Understand your competitive landscape by comparing your social performance against your competitors on various KPIs such as content engagement, interactions, average reply time, campaign performance, share of voice, publishing time and day, hashtags, channel views, video uploads, and duration.

Comparison Report

Cross-channel Report

Compare brands across multiple social networks

Get a snapshot of brands' audience, performance, share of voice, engagement, posts, and customer service. Analyze your social performance and see how it stacks up against your industry, across social networks. You can download an in-depth comparison report for as many brands as you want for any time period you like.

Cross-Channel Report

Report Scheduling

Get reports before you need them, right in your inbox

Schedule reports on your or competitors’ social performance to be emailed to you and stakeholders at a specified time period every week or every month. Save time and effort which you would be wasting to collect data for all the profiles for various different networks to focus on your improving your content strategy.

Report Scheduling

Simplify your social media reporting

Get readymade reports

Download professionally-formatted reports in PPT and Excel formats.

Export data and charts

Export individual charts and also share them with teammates who don’t have access to Unmetric.

Email reports to collegues

Schedule reports to be delivered to you and your teammates at specified times.

Access data goldmine

Get access to 7 years’ worth of historical data on 100,000 brands across platforms.


Unmetric helps brands and agencies get better engagement and automate their social media reporting

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